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Salary sacrifice: donate to charity the smart way

Giveall allows you to make tax free donations directly from your salary making it easier than ever to sponsor your favourite charities

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Benefit highlights

  1. No unnecessary fees - charities get 100% of your donation

  2. Save up to 40% on donations

  3. Help employees support causes important to them

  4. Quick and easy set-up

Benefit information

Payroll Giving is the most effective way to donate to charity. By giving directly from your gross salary, you can make an even bigger difference to the causes close to your heart. 

Giveall Payroll Giving is the only fully automated, commission-free payroll giving service in the world. It is transforming payroll giving.

Your donations are deducted automatically from your gross salary and what you would have paid in tax is added to your donation instead - how good is that?!

You maintain complete control over your giving and 100% of your donation gets through to the charity of your choice, fast!

How does it work?

Let's say you want to make a monthly donation of £10. If you're paying tax at the standard rate of 20%, your donation will only cost you £8 each month. For those paying tax at 40%, this arrangement will cost just £6 each month. 

This is because the tax you would normally pay goes to the charity instead. As Giveall don't take commission or any other unnecessary charges, your chosen charity will get every penny of your donation. 

How do I get started? 

If you're an employee looking for a smarter way to support your favourite charities, you'll need to convince your employer to sign you up to Giveall. 

Once your account has been set up, simply select the charities you want to support and how much you want to donate. Giveall's secure and automated system will do the rest. 


Who are Giveall?

Giveall is owned and operated by the HMRC-approved Giveall2Charity, which is a UK-registered charity (No. 7075425).

Please note only registered charities can be Payroll Giving Agencies.

Will my information be protected?

Giveall's Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection requirements are unparalleled, so your money and your account are secure at all times. 

All donations are immediately placed into a client trust account. Once they've been cleared,  they will be deposited into the charity's online bank account.

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