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"Huddlebuy saved me £1000s when I started my business and gave me all the tools and advice I needed. I cannot recommend it highly enough"

Lynnette Monteiro, The Town House

"I've generated more publicity and more orders, all thanks to my Huddlebuy Gold membership."

Amanda Falconer, Fanciflair

How we've increased our members' profits by £1,000s...

We've helped businesses unlock their full potential and added £1,000s to their bottom line. Here's how we do it...

Essential tools to help you stay ahead.

To beat your local competition, you need the smartest business tools around. From SEO to social media and email marketing software, we've made them all available for FREE - with no tie-ins or obligations.

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Sara Flay, Founder of New Perspective

I absolutely love Huddlebuy as it provides me, the small business owner, with opportunities to discover products that I may not otherwise come across every day in my business. It's so much easier than trawling the internet and not being sure of what I'm getting. Being able to take card payments when in front of clients has been brilliant for me, my unusual MOO business cards have created a stir at networking events, and the eBooks increase my knowledge which ultimately benefits my clients.

Richard Clarke, Founder of Richard Clarke Photography

"Absolutely fabulous service, very professional, and you've saved me loads of money! I'll definitely be renewing next year!"

Michael, Founder of Blue Eyed Digital

"We signed up for Huddlebuy a couple of months ago. What we've experienced so far has been easy-to-use, crucial for any website and, more importantly, of genuine benefit to our business. If you're not using Huddlebuy yet, you're most certainly missing out."

Alicia Thornthwaite, Founder of Afrodeity

"We were able to redeem the PRNewswire Press Release with the Huddlebuy Gold Card, and this came at the perfect time as we had just won Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday Award! We got interviewed for a Virtual Summit and several journalists called us to run a story about our business. We couldn't have afforded a Press Release of that calibre on our advertising budget at the time, so this helped immensely! Being a small business, we have faced some steep learning curves, so training sessions and PDF eBooks have been invaluable. Huddlebuy have great customer service! Starting a business is not easy but having a little extra support is always welcome.

Amanda Falconer, Founder of Fanciflair

"My Huddlebuy Gold membership provides great benefits that really work and the staff are so helpful. And there is really NO CATCH! It's exactly how it is even if it does sound too good to be true. I have generated more publicity and received more orders via Facebook for free, I have get a lot more enquiries, I have had a press release distributed to over 5,500 journalists for free and I get discounts on restaurants. All thanks to my Huddlebuy Gold Card Membership. £149 per year inc.VAT is a small price to pay for all the benefits"

Brendan O'Haron, Founder of Cocoa Exchange

"I don't know of anyone else who is so dedicated to small business owners! It's really refreshing, as most of the benefits Huddlebuy offer are usually only available for bigger corporate companies. There are so many great benefits on offer. Huddlebuy have really helped to make it clear to us exactly what parts of our business we need to concentrate on, which makes our lives much easier - they have given us a format with which to work from."

Alex Rowley, Founder of

"I'd genuinely recommend a Huddlebuy Gold Card to any small business owner; particularly any business seeking to boost its PR and marketing. So far, Huddlebuy has significantly improved Justaskmeout's SEO rankings, increased our web presence and the number of links to our site. It has also improved our effectiveness and reach, thanks to the Email Marketing software and Evernote Premium."

Katie Godfrey, Founder of KG Salon

"I recently started my Huddlebuy Gold membership and I'm so chuffed with it! I have just claimed the free £75 Facebook marketing credit, the Mailigen email marketing benefit and the PR Newswire press release distribution! I absolutely love it! Huddlebuy is really helpful for business owners - we all sometimes need a little help along the way."

Lorna Syson , Founder of Lorna

"The Huddlebuy Gold Card allowed me to have access to knowledge and information to help my business grow. It has also allowed me to access software which I didn't know I needed until I started to use it. I don't know how I coped without it before! These deals and opportunities are only usually available to large corporations, but now I and other small businesses can also benefit."

Orlando Vallejo , Founder of Monook

"I would recommend Huddlebuy in particular to small businesses or start-ups for the simple reason that all benefits are especially designed to help out at the beginning of any business. With the benefits from Huddlebuy I've managed to save some money important for the cash flow at this stage of the business. Before starting my business I used my Huddlebuy membership to get a free website which saved me nearly 1000 in start-up costs."

Roger Sumner, Founder of Parcel Hero

"Huddlebuy has helped us make some big savings on relevant offers that are really beneficial for the future of our business, allowing us to spend the money that we've saved elsewhere. All in all, it is helping our business to grow and we look forward to claiming more benefits and seeing the results. We're really pleased with the service so far, and would highly recommend Huddlebuy."

Joris Smet, Founder of Smet Building Products

"Huddlebuy is a must for your business if you wish to compete in today's technology driven markets where instant gratification is demanded. We at Smet are delighted to have discovered them! Primarily, Huddlebuy are on the ball, for example; long ago when we first commenced our own internal program of SEO, and even before most companies had even heard of it, they already had packages available to help businesses get the most from these new tools. As entrepreneurs, we found this impressive. We are delighted to have found them early and have always felt they are helping us stay one step ahead of the market."

Jennifer McFarlane, Founder of Xpressions Counselling

"I would recommend Huddlebuy as the information is useful and highly beneficial to startup businesses, as well as big companies. Huddlebuy has provided us with useful, trusted information and different ways for our business to function."

Alex MacPhie, Improvement Architecture

"The Gold Card provides access to lots of great benefits that we need but might not have necessarily considered at this current time. For example, with the business listings offer, we were able to list our business on over 450 sites with a single phone call instead of days of work and investigation! Gold Card Membership has helped us save in two ways: money and time."

Huddlebuy Goldcard

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